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You may be familiar with hair straightener reviews that cover heat tools for your perfect look. However, there’s a chemical treatment promising straight hair for months at a time.

This seemingly best hair straightener, referred to as the Brazilian Blowout, has more problems than solutions for beauty enthusiasts. The truth about this treatment is quite serious, harboring potential health problems in the future.

A Close Look at Brazilian Blowout

Its Main Ingredient

After reading several hair straightener reviews, you’ll probably discover the magic ingredient in the Brazilian Blowout is formaldehyde.

Most people are familiar with this chemical in biology or forensic classes. It preserves organic substances for long periods. This concept applies to the Brazilian Blowout.

The formaldehyde alters hair keratin, giving it a relaxed and shiny appearance. Along with the help of six or more ingredients, you have a volatile chemical mixture with possible health concerns for both the user and stylist.

Potential Fumes

Even with the best hair straightener tool, you don’t typically see fumes emanating from your treatment. The Brazilian Blowout, however, creates a chemical reaction right at your scalp.

As formaldehyde greets water molecules and heat, its fumes are released from your hair. Both you and the stylist inevitably inhale these toxic fumes.

You may feel a stinging sensation in the eyes and throat, for example. Long-term health effects are still possible, although the treatment is still too new to have any significant studies at this point.


Read many hair straightener reviews before you decide on a stylist. Although it’s best to avoid this treatment altogether, you can try to find a quality stylist through their certification.

Any stylist performing Brazilian Blowout requires a certificate. If you find a professional offering the service without the certificate, try another salon.

The certification reflects their training with the chemicals. Any mistakes with chemical formaldehyde can result in burns and damaged hair. Look for good reviews from certified stylists as well. You want a revered stylist for this treatment.

Cheap isn’t the Best Deal

Everyone wants the best deal when it comes to hair styles, but don’t be fooled by a cheap sales price. A Brazilian Blowout should be expensive. If you find an extremely cheap price, avoid the stylist.

They may be looking for clients to practice on as they learn the craft, for example. The chemicals could be altered or watered down to lower costs too.

Regardless of the reason, a cheap treatment is asking for trouble. You could have permanent hair damage with improper application.

A Safer Alternative

If you must have straight hair, use an old-fashioned hair straightener tool. Today’s modern appliances make straightening safe for your hair as long as it’s only once or twice a week.

Appreciate your curly or wavy hair otherwise. There’s no need to use drastic chemical treatments to define your beauty. Purchase a hair straightener with a Teflon coating to keep your hair safe from heat damage.

Use the tool sparingly while following the manufacturer’s instructions. Heat treatment is much safer than chemical treatment.

Approach with Caution

Do your research when it comes to a Brazilian Blowout treatments. If you want to try this straightening strategy, watch the professional apply it first to another client.

All the research studies in the world can’t substitute an in-person experience. You may want to try a more traditional treatment with the best hair straightener in your bathroom cabinet.

Image credit: Lauren Paulsen

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