Ten Problems You May Have If You’ve Got Fine Hair

Fine hair in and of itself is a big problem. It can be uncomfortable, you have to find the right hair straightener to keep it straight and from burning and it may be extremely difficult to style in any way.

The following problems are all ones that fine-haired folks can sympathize with.

Problems only Girls with Fine Hair will Understand

  • Dropped curls. These are always a problem and can often be found in hair straightener reviews. Straightener curls are a great way to curl your hair, but girls with fine hair are rarely able to do this without their hair falling out of the curls in a few minutes.
  • Burn hair. Even if you have the best hair straightener in the world, you probably know what it’s like to have burnt hair from a straightener. Fine-haired girls will always benefit from a lower temperature straightener.
  • No volume. No matter how much you spray it, tease it and keep it in huge rollers for hours, it is nearly impossible to achieve the right amount of volume that you want for your fine hair.
  • Helpful products sometimes just don’t work out. The sock bun, for example, is supposed to rock your hair, but girls with fine hair may just find that they have a sock on the top of their head.
  • Top knot, tiny knot. Nearly the same thing for girls who have fine hair. When you try to do an ever-popular top knot, it usually just ends up looking like a tiny bump on the top of your head.
  • Bobby pins galore. Every girl knows that they go through bobby pins like crazy, but you are one of the select few that are constantly losing them and replacing them. Check out some hair straightener reviews for tips on keeping your bobby pins in place and in your hair.
  • Wrap it up. Girls with fine hair know that our elastics are constantly working double time for them and they’re so grateful for that. If you have fine hair, you’ll understand what it is like to wrap your elastic six times or more around the outside of your ponytail.
  • Products are not your friend. Shine enhancer, root booster and even thickener seem like great products, in theory, but they are awful for girls who have fine hair. These products tend to weigh the hair down and make it look even more fine than before the product was put in your hair.
  • Grease monkey. Girls with fine hair know that they need to wash that hair every day. This is especially true if you’ve used the best hair straightener to make your hair longer and flatter- the oils tend to travel down straight hair faster making it appear more greasy when you don’t shower.
  • Ponytails are a nightmare. When you put one in your hair, it ends up looking like you’re about three years old.

    Soft as a baby’s bottom may be a compliment, but fine as a baby’s hair is usually not the kind of complement that you want to hear on a daily basis…but you do.
  • You can’t really relate to hair straightener reviews. Most girls complain about not getting their straightener through their hair because it is so curly and thick. You have the opposite problem, your hair slides right through the straightener, rendering it useless.
  • Dry shampoo is your friend. It boosts the roots, adds texture to the hair and improves the overall look. While this is normally intended for girls who have skipped a few washes, you know that it is important to use it every afternoon to keep your hair looking like it did at the beginning of the day.

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