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There are some times when you need to find the perfect hair straightener for your needs, times when you need to find something that works for you and times when you need to have a great haircut.

The following hair cuts really could have benefitted from a great hair straightener- so, before you try to get your haircut again, check out some hair straightener reviews to avoid looking like these strange and bizarre haircuts.

For starter, HSI Professional is one of the most recommended hair straightener for beginners. If you are new to DIY hair straightening, this is the ideal model to start with as it is not too expensive. But more importantly, it works!

Bizarre hair cut

10 Most Bizarre Haircuts in the World

The mullet is one of the most iconic bizarre haircuts and has been featured throughout American culture throughout the past century. This “business in the front, party in the back” style can benefit from the best hair straightener. You can kick up the contrast factor a notch by keeping the top, “business” side nice and curly. Straightening the bottom will make it look like you are having a great, straight party hanging out in the back of your head.

When you’re looking at hair straightener reviews, one style you might come across is a stepped up hair style. When someone tries to put their own layers in their hair, they may end up with these steps going up the hair. It is further exacerbated when that person decides to use a straightener.

Braids in the back is a different take on the traditional mullet. This style involves braiding the hair and simply shaving off the rest of the front of the hair. This is great for business men who want the braids, but can’t- as long as they never turn their head for people to see the back.

The horn is either a backwards or frontwards horn. It is a small piece of braided hair on an otherwise blank head. The horn can transform into a unicorn horn when it is on the top of the head, facing out toward the front.

Weird hair cut

The rattail is the original horn, but it is a piece that is not always braided. It hangs down from the back of the head, similar to the tail of a tiny little rat. It is often braided for a fancy function.

The mirror-less haircut is a style that is worn by people who are not fortunate enough to have a mirror…or a good hair stylist. This haircut is usually somewhat short, does not match up in certain places and appears very choppy. It can be seen on many hair straightener reviews with people asking how to fix it or make it a better haircut.

The rat tail without the rat is a double travesty. This is when there is a long piece of hair on the bottom of the head, an area of no hair surrounding the tail and regular hair on the top and sides of the head. Also known as the disembodied tail.

Ramen haircuts are set aside for people with the curliest hair. This is simply when the hair is short, curly and sits on top of the head. The person may bleach or otherwise lighten the hair, but the style can be easily remedied by finding the best hair straightener.

Too many products cuts. When you use too many hair products or heat, your hair will likely start to fall out in different spots. At this point, you should really just give up and shave it all off.

The artist style. While it’s great to be loyal to a brand, logo or masterpiece of art, it’s probably not the best idea to shave that into your head. This may seem like a great idea in the beginning, but people will get sick of looking at a giant swoosh on the back of your head after a while.

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