Simple Tips to Restore Hair Health Flat Ironing

Straightening your hair will do damage to your hair. That is for sure. But the degree of damage done is something that can vary a lot, depending on how you do your straightening and whether essential preparation has been done prior to the process.

Passing through heated flat irons over your hair will definitely impact the health of your hair. If not done properly, it can cause your hair to become brittle, dry and can even make it fall out. Always remember not to downplay your selection. The best hair straighteners can really make a lot of difference as they are usually better designed to minimize the damaging impact done to your hair.

Making sure that you take proper care of your hair during the straightening process is the best way to protect it, but there are some things that you can do after you have straightened it that can restore it back to its health.

These tips have been compiled from hair straightener reviews; they are to be used when your hair has been damaged by straightening it, even when you have used the best hair straightener.

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Useful Tips to Restore Hair Health after Straightening

Don’t Wash it Too Much

Washing your hair can cause it to become more damaged. It can make it more dry and it can also cause it to become even more brittle. If you are trying to restore your hair after straightening, don’t wash it for a few days.

All hair straightener reviews will tell you that you should never use a clarifying shampoo while you are straightening your hair or after you have straightened your hair. A clarifying shampoo will strip your hair of natural oils. Natural oil is what your hair uses to protect itself from the heat of flat irons.

Use Conditioner

The use of a conditioner is one of the best ways that you can restore your hair health after it has been straightened. Make sure that you use enough of it to protect your hair, but not so much that it will cause your hair to look and feel greasy.

You should use a conditioner that is able to both moisturize and restore the hair. These products are best for people who have a lot of dry hair as the result of straightening too many times or too often.

No Heat

If you want to restore your hair after the straightening process, stop using heat tools on it. Put down your best hair straightener. Put down your favorite blow dryer. And put down your hot rollers for a few weeks. Doing this will allow you to see a great improvement in the health of your hair.

Hot Oil Treatments

These treatments, which can be done at home or at the salon, are a great way to quickly restore some of the life back into your hair. They will not reverse the damage that straightening has caused, but they can help with some of the cosmetic damage.

Oil treatments should not be used on a regular basis because they can cause the hair to become greasy and weighted down with the oils they deposit into the cuticles. See here for details on the impact of oil deposit on hair cuticles.

Leave in Products

Creams, sprays and gels are all leave in products that can be found in moisturizing and restoring versions. If you want to style your hair without heat, choose styling products that will allow you to create the styles you love without the heat that is so damaging.

Make sure you always use styling products that are moisturizing. You can also purchase products that are specifically intended to put in your hair for moisturizing purposes, and to leave in your hair for long periods of time.


After you have straightened your hair, it will probably be damaged. Even if you have used the best hair straightener possible and followed all of the advice you found in hair straightener reviews, you will likely still have to restore some damage.

There are many ways that you can restore the health of your hair after you have straightened it to help get it back to the way it was. Above are just few tips to get you started. Let me know if you have personally tried and tested other interesting methods that prove to work brilliantly.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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