Simple Tips to Fix Damaged Hair

Even with the right hair straightener and armed with all of the best advice for heat treating hair, women across the world are having issues with damaged hair due to the high heat that they use to style it on a daily basis.

The heat is damaging to hair and hair will never be completely fixed, although it can be grown out to a healthier state. While it cannot be completely cured, it can be somewhat fixed to make it feel and look healthier.

When reading hair straightener reviews, one of the biggest problems women face is how to fix their damaged hair and there are a few tips that will help tremendously.

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3 Simple Tips to Fix Damaged Hair

Stop using chemicals and heat on your hair

Hair can be damaged severely by heat products, even the best hair straighteners. It can also be damaged by chemicals, but the damage is much more evident and sets in more quickly with these.

In order to get your hair back to a healthy state, cut back or completely eliminate the high heat hair products and the chemicals that you use on a regular basis.

This will not only give the already damaged hair a break from the everyday routine, but it will help any new hair that is growing in to remain healthy while it works to replace the damaged hair.

Use the right products for your hair

Most hair straightener reviews will tell you that you need the right shampoo to continue to have healthy hair.

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Only shampoo your hair when it is extra dirty, or around 2 times per week as a routine. Make sure that you choose a moisturizing conditioner and do not use anything that has harsh chemicals in it to clean your hair.

Using the right products for your hair while you are in the shower will help to make your hair healthier. It will not fix the damage that is often irreparable, but it will help make the hair look and feel healthier than it was before.

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Don’t be too hard on your hair

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, you should be sure that you do not cause any further damage to it by scrubbing, pulling or squeezing it directly out of the shower.

Hair is much more fragile when it was wet and you will continue to damage it. The best way to dry your hair is to blot it with a towel and let it air dry.

If you wish to get the tangles out, always use a wet comb and never brush your hair while it is wet. You should also avoid braiding your hair because it promotes breakage in the hair.


Whether you have been using the best hair straightener in the world or you have been doing at home permanent waves for years, you may have some damage to your hair.

Along with a few easy to do tips, you can look at hair straightener reviews to find some of the best ways that you can fix damaged hair while you are waiting for new hair to grow back in.

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Always remember that it will not be completely fixed, but that you can contribute to the healthiness of your hair by avoiding heat, using the right treatments and treating your hair in the right way.

Image credit: Rok Ross

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