Sedu Hair Straightener Reviews

In the words of professionally trained and licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair, the best hair straightener should be one that gives you a lasting result and does as little damage to your hair as possible.

When I was searching for the best flat iron for my need, I did a considerable amount of research, talked to as many as dozens of hairstylists that I can find and had a chance to try a number of them in fact.

One model that often props up in my discussion with the pros is Sedu Pro Ionic ceramic flat iron. I was close to buying it and it was only in the last minute that I changed my mind in favor of Onei MK-I Halo.

But this does not mean Sedu Pro Ionic is a worse product. It’s just that for my case, my heart went to Onei instead. Anyway, what is it about Sedo Pro Ionic that makes it such an appealing choice? Read on to find out.

Sedu Pro Ionic: Good Enough for the Hair Professionals

A Review of Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron

It is a highly versatile tool

The ceramic plates on the Sedu Pro Ionic flat iron have a curve on the edges, which means you can create curls and beach waves with it too, not just straighten.

Having this ability means I only have two electric devices plugged in at my station: a hair dryer, and a flat iron that both straightens and curls the hair.

For hair professionals, this is important because the less clutter your workstation is, the more professional it will appear to your clients. For home users, this is also a welcome news as it means you don’t have to get 2 separate ‘toys’ to straighten and curl your hair.

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Excellent in maintaining good hair health

Styling your hair incorrectly can cause a lot of damage, split ends and breakage. Having a flat iron that is too hot can burn your hair causing it to be dry and brittle, or worse, come completely off your head if you hold it there too long.

The Sedu Pro Ionic flat iron has a temperature control so that you can adjust it to style any type of hair, from afro curly to blonde headed and straight. Taking a tight curl down to straight requires more heat, whereas simply smoothing out a subtle wave in finer hair takes less heat.

To some, the best hair straightener has to have a temperature control. I also recommend to anyone using a flat iron also use a heat protectant spray. You spray it on very lightly before heat touches your hair and you will find your hair breaks less, feels soft and looks shiny and healthy.

The Sedu Pro also imparts a negative ionic charge to your hair and neutralizes any positive ions turning them into negative ones, which is safer and healthier for your hair.

The ceramic plates deliver the heat more evenly, too. Straighteners with ceramic plates tend to cost more, but they are so much better for your hair. They also tend to last longer so that you aren’t constantly replacing your flat iron.

The best hair straightener will have nano tourmaline ceramic plates, so keep that in mind while reading hair straightener reviews. I read a lot of hair straightener reviews when I was shopping around for the best hair straightener, and I am very glad I did.

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Oh by the way, did I mention that my regular hairstylist happens to use Sedu Pro Ionic ceramic flat iron to get his daily job done. And from the few chatter that I had with his clients, the seem to love the way the Sedu Pro made their hair look and feel.

The one negative thing I can think of for the Sedu Pro is that the outside gets a little too warm, so I will warn you to be careful when using it. I always recommend doing research on a product before spending money on it, and this was no exception.

The Bottomline

There are so many different hair straighteners on the market today, it can seem impossible to know which one is the best. That is the reason people either grab the cheapest one thinking it will be “good enough” or the most expensive one thinking “it must be the best”.

This is no way to make an informed decision. Do your homework. Go through the different hair straightener reviews and if you have a regular hairstylist, ask what he or she recommends and the reasons why. They will give you an honest answer and you will come away a better educated consumer.

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