Rusk Flat Iron Reviews Rsk732 Professional Str8

Looking to update your flat iron? There are so many staighteners out there that finding the best is like finding a needle in a haystack, or in my case a frizzy rats nest.

I want to help you sort through all the phonies and find the best hair straightener that will leave your hair straight and in optimal condition.

After sorting through many duds I unearthed what seems like a hidden gem in The Professional Ceramic Str8 Iron by Rusk. This straightener has everything a girl could want. My hair is curly like telephone coil and this iron perfectly pressed my hair with minimal effort!

I wondered how it straightened my hair so easily and this is what I found.

Rusk RSK732: Good value for Money Hair Straightener

An Intimate Look at Rusk RSK732 Professional Str8

The best of both worlds

The first, and most important thing about this straightener is the Titanium-infused Ceramic plate.

It took me a while and it was only after going through tonnes of hair straightener reviews that I learnt about the different types of irons that have been used to make hair straightening irons. And due to its good conductivity property, titanium is one of the best material ever used.

Rusk RSK732 Professional Str8 uses ceramic plates infused with Titanium. Ceramic plates are best known for their ability to heat quickly and evenly.

This is important not only for consistent results, but it means that you have less potential to damage your hair. Titanium plates have excellent heat conduction and consistent heat. This allows for minimum temperature fluctuation for less damaging results.

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The only downfall with a pure Titanium plate is that it gets hotter quicker so it can be more damaging if not used properly.

Because the Rusk straightener uses Titanium-infused Ceramic plates, you get the best of both materials. The Iron heats up quickly and evenly leaving no over heated or cold spaces and leaves hair smooth and shiny.

Now that we know the basics of finding the best hair straightener materials for you, lets talk about the features of this iron.

Temperature control

The Professional Ceramic Str8 Iron gives you maximum results when styling your hair. The first and most important part about this iron is temperature.

This iron has a digital display of set temperatures so you can choose which is best for you. The iron starts at 300 degrees and goes up to 400 degrees. The range is not as good as what you get with Onei MK-I Halo but it is certainly enough to get most straightening jobs done well.

If you need a quick touchup, you don’t have to go all the way to the highest setting, you can choose accordingly.

Swivel cord

My favorite part of this iron is its 9-foot cord that swivels. No more tangled up cord!

No matter how many twists and turns you throw at the iron, the swivel cord will always be flat…along with your hair.

Excellent plate design

Another feature of the Professional Str8 Iron is the plate size. The plates are 1 ¼ inches. Most irons plates stop about a half an inch away from the sides of the iron but the Professional Str8 Iron’s plates wrap around the sides of the iron so you can get right up to the scalp.

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If your hair is like mine where it is kinkiest at the root, you’d need an iron that can get as close as possible.

Where it could do better

The only thing this iron could improve on is adding an automatic shut off timer. I am the worst at remembering to power down my flat iron.

If you are like me you may want to invest in one with an automatic timer. This iron in particular, will stay on at super high heat for as long as it is plugged in which can be very problematic.

The Bottomline

All in all, Rusk RSK732 Professional Str8 Titanium-infused ceramic flat iron has exactly what any girl needs in a straightener. It’s customizable heat settings give you the best straightening experience.

As for me, I’m glad that my hair did not smell or feel burnt. It felt soft and well treated.

So, do you think you have found the ultimate hair straightener for your need?

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