Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Hair Straightener Reviews

If there is any brand that has made its stamp of quality well known within the beauty industry, it is certainly Paul Mitchell.

Like most other similar products, the Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools Express Ion Smooth Hair Straightener claims to be the best hair straightener for a variety of hair types.

However, with a price tag significantly higher than that of most other “drug store” brands (like the all popular HSI Professional Ceramic), only by conducting careful hair straightener reviews then you’ll be able to have a good idea if it makes the perfect option for your case.

Ready to find out? Let’s start.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Iron: Designed for the Pro

What does Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion have to offer?

Features You can Expect

The makers of this model appear to believe that their brand name alone should tell most consumers much of what they want to know about it. Try searching for the detailed product specifications and I bet you’ll be having a hard time doing so.

The Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools Express Ion Smooth Hair Straightener is said to heat up to an impressive 400°F in just a minute.

It is made with 1.25″ wide ceramic plates that are promised to provide even heating to your lovely locks. Anti-ion technology is employed to keep flyaway static at bay.

An eight foot cord attached at a swivel base provides users with ample maneuvering room when styling hair with this flatiron.

What it has been praised for

Just grab any hair straightener review and more likely than not, you’ll find owners singing their praises for this flat iron. I’m personally surprised but as a matter of fact, there seems to be a near universal consensus that this hair straightener is capable of providing stellar results.

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In a number of reviews, beauty-conscious owners of this unit rave about how their hair turn end up being super shiny and smooth when they use this flat iron, just what the product promises to do.

The heating plates are also promised to prevent unwanted “catching” of hairs, making it easier to straighten your hair quickly.

The rapid heat up time is also definitely another pro to this product. Purchases of new products are backed by a two year warranty. It may not the 4-year industry-leading warranty offered with Onei MK-I Halo, but it is definitely better than the average 1-year period covered by such popular models as Sedu Pro Ionic.

Although a scientific explanation is not provided, official product descriptions claim that this hair straightener is designed to heat hair follicles from within, leaving hair straight, hydrated, and frizz-free.

Finally, the relatively slim width of this Paul Mitchell hair straightener makes it an ideal width for quickly straightening hair or for using it to do flatiron curls if desired instead.

Where it didn’t score so well

As with most high-end products, the biggest con to this hair straightener is its price tag. When combined with heat protecting products and hair setting sprays, this cost easily makes this hair straightener out of the price range for the beauty budget of many consumers.

The official product description for the Pro-Tools Express Ion Hair Straightener does not state whether or not it features an “auto off” function, and customer hair straightener reviews appear to be divided on this issue.

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Another con to this product is a lack of dual voltage capabilities. While it may work great in countries with 110V (like here in United States or Japan), high-flyer professionals who often find themselves in almost any corner of the world will have to consider other alternatives.

The Bottomline

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to see that Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion is certainly a contender for the best hair straightener on the market today.

However, its high price also puts it out of the budget range for many consumers and the absence of dual volate support makes it the less ideal choice for professionals who are required to travel around the world frequently.

As you can see, while some people might see this flat iron as the perfect hair straightener for them, others might find that the best hair straightener for them lies elsewhere.

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