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when you are looking at hair straightener reviews, you may come across articles that list different textures of hair.

These different textures can mean different things for different people, but it is important to remember that not one straightener is going to be the best hair straightener for every person.

People may have hair that is curly, hair that is fine, hair that is wavy, hair that is thick and hair that is coarse. These different types of hair will determine which type of straightener is best for the type of hair that you have on your own personal head.

Picture of different hair types

Hair Classification

Hair that is curly is perhaps one of the most popular types among hair straightener reviews. Curly hairs are generally classified into 3 types: Type 2 (the least curly), Type 3 and Type 4 (most curly).

Those who have curly hair really enjoy straightening their hair and feel that they need to straighten it to keep it from becoming completely unruly. Hair that is curly may be more difficult to straighten and you may want a straightener that is a higher powered one.

You may also want one that is slightly wider than others to capture all of the hair that is on the strand. This will be the best hair straightener for curly hair because it is able to straighten out the kinks.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you will definitely not need something that is as powerful as the other types. Finer hair is more susceptible to damage and can be greatly affected by heat when it is applied.

If you have fine hair or thin hair, you will want something that is going to allow you to use a lower heat setting on the hair.

The less heat you have on your fine hair, the easier your delicate strands will be able to stand up to the straightener and the heat that comes with straightening your hair out.

Image Chart of different hair types

Medium Curl

Many people who have wavy hair will look at the hair straightener reviews for the best hair straightener for their needs. Wavy hair is easier to straighten than curly hair, but it also tends to fall flat faster and look messier when it has been straightened.

Someone who has wavy hair would want a hair straightener that provides a ceramic back to it. This ceramic will allow the hair to look sleeker, shinier and have an overall more finished appearance after it has been straightened.

Make sure that the straightener gets hot to ensure that it does not fall flat.

Thick and Curly

Thick hair can be extremely difficult to straighten. It can take a long time and can be a tedious process that ends up with the hair having kinks in it where the straightener sat for too long.

In general, if you have thick hair you will want something that is wide and something that heats up to a high point. You will want to make sure you use the right techniques and that you separate your hair accordingly. Making sure that you separate your hair and part it out the correct way will ensure that you are able to take your time in getting it finished.

Coarse hair, or hair that is often referred to as an ethnic type of hair, can be more difficult to straighten. It is often the hardest and this is why many women prefer to get their hair chemically straightened instead of having to go through the process each and every day.

You will want to make sure that you get a straightener that gets extremely hot. You also will want something with ceramic or ions in it to ensure that it will look smooth. Coarse hair can be hard to smooth and this straightener will be the best.