How to Care for Greasy Hair

Shopping for the best hair straightener might be at the top of your to-do list, but hair care is more than just styling products.

Understanding the science behind your hair type is important too, especially if you have greasy hair.

Everyone has slightly different hair where sebaceous or sweat glands are concerned.

When your glands are extremely active, it results in oily hair. Take a few tips to heart when styling and cleaning your hair to combat oily conditions.

Few Practical Tips on How to Care for Your Greasy Hair

Only Condition the Ends

As you read through hair straightener reviews, you’ll come across many conditioning tips.

From leaving the product in for 3 minutes to combing it through, conditioners essentially add oils to your hair for moisturizing.

Because greasy hair already offers a moisturizing effect, only condition your ends.

Massage the conditioner through the ends to combat dryness and splitting.

Even the best hair straightener can damage the ends as you move the appliance downward so keep all your hair looking healthy with strategic conditioning.

Avoid Scalp Massages and Hot Showers

Some cultures use scalp massages as a customary way to relax the body, but it also stimulates sweat production.

Insist on a body rub and avoid the scalp altogether. You’ll still achieve the desired relaxation without the head involved.

This same stimulating concept also applies to hot showers.

Take a lukewarm shower to avoid sweating under the water stream.

Any hot conditions forces the body to sweat, especially as the scalp warms under steamy shower heads.

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Silicone and Oil-Based Beauty Products Beware

As you read through the latest hair straightener reviews, also take note of any beauty product advertisements.

There’s always a new shampoo, hairspray or other styling product being introduced with the best innovations of the year.

However, look between the marketing glitz to read the ingredients. Look for any oil-based or silicone ingredients.

These products add substantial grease to your hair, making it even more difficult to style.

Be consistent about purchasing products designed specifically for greasy hair to avoid additional oil.

Shampoo Sparingly

You may think shampooing even more is a smart way to fight off greasy hair, but it actually stimulates the sebaceous glands even under lukewarm water.

Try washing it every second or third day.

When coupled with a shampoo designed for oily hair, you’ll still have a fantastic look while slowly reducing oily conditions.

Take this advice and apply it to your personal daily activities carefully, however.

If you run a marathon, for example, definitely wash your hair that day to fight off more oil at the scalp.

No Blow Dryers

You may be the styling genius in your group of friends, but avoid blow dryers when possible.

Although they give you a fast way to achieve a desired look, they also increase sweat production.

These dryers place incredible temperatures against the scalp, encouraging oily conditions. Allow your hair to dry naturally and style afterward.

You’ll also avoid heat damage to the hair’s shaft with less heat applied.

As you research through hair straightener reviews before purchasing, consider how your oily hair will react.

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Using some beauty products designed for greasy hair is a smart match with the best hair straightener, giving you a gorgeous look that lasts the day.

If you are looking for the best hair straightener for greasy hair, HSI Professional is one option to consider. But if you can splurge a little more, you may want to check out the ghd V Gold which many considers as the gold standard when it comes to hair straighteners.

Allow your hair to be an asset while taking greasy hair in stride.

Image credit Roswitha Siedelberg

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