How to Care for Dry Hair

Having constantly oily hair can definitely be frustrating, but having the opposite problem can be equally annoying.

Dry hair is difficult to care for, as often many hair care or hair styling products actually make the problem worse, instead of making things better.

This is because dry hair has special hair care needs, and finding the best hair care products to fit with your hairstyling desires can be a struggle.

Perhaps one of the greatest “enemies” of dry hair is heat.

Heat is well known to cause additional damage to hair, as it dries it out even more.

However, having naturally dry hair certainly does not need to be a reason to never use heating products.

Instead, having the best hair straightener (typically determined through hair straightener reviews) for your particular hair type and the best heat hair care products can make a huge difference between dry, brittle hair and soft, silky locks.

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Frustrated with Your Dry Hair? Here are Few Tips on How to Care for Dry Hair

Dry hair care starts with how you wash and dry your tresses.

Unlike oily or regular hair, dry hair has difficulty with obtaining enough oils to keep it soft, silky, and shiny throughout the day.

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This can be advantageous to anyone who does not want to wash her hair very often, but it can be frustrating to feel like cleaning your hair always leaves it more dried out than before.

Solving this problem involves investing in a gentle shampoo that does not leave your hair stripped of its necessary oils and purchasing a quality, hydrating conditioner.

In addition to washing your hair as rarely as is necessary to maintain proper hygiene, choosing to apply a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can also help to improve moisture retention in your locks.

Next, how you dry your hair will definitely make an impact on the appearance of your dry hair.

Ideally, dry hair should not be dried with heat.

Additionally, certain types of towels can be too harsh on dry hair, causing it to appear frizzy or making it more susceptible to breakage.

Because of this, allowing hair to air dry naturally is generally the best way to take care of your hair.

A soft cotton t-shirt can also be used to absorb moisture without being too harsh on your hair.

However, if you must use a hair dryer, then be sure to apply a styling product formulated to protect against heat damage.

Such products are available as creams, serums, sprays, and oils and can conveniently be purchased through just about any grocery or department store.

Generally speaking, oils should be applied lightly and sparingly; too much oil will leave your hair feeling greasy and looking the same.

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Sprays, on the other hand, can be applied a little more generously.

For optimal results with drying your hair with heat, first wring out as much water as possible using a soft t-shirt on your hair before you apply your chosen heat protectant.

This way, your hair will at least be somewhat drier than it was, allowing you to reduce the amount of time you will have to use heat on it.

Finally, as mentioned previously, the products you use to style your hair can make a world of difference in the health of your hair.

Reviewing hair straightener reviews for the best hair straightener for your hair type will definitely be beneficial.

For instance, having thin dry hair may mean that you will find the “best hair straightener” for you to be different from the best one for your friend who has thick, dry, curly hair.

Items to consider when reading hair straightener reviews include heat settings, material of the heating plates, time needed for the flat iron to heat up, and whether or not the straightener offers single or dual floating plates.

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