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Types of Hair Waver For Short Hair

A hair waver comes in handy when you have short hair since it is easy to handle and can be maintained easily as well. 

Not to mention the number of hairstyles you can effortlessly master with this appliance.

If you are someone who has short hair and has struggled with finding the right hairstyling product, a hair waver for short hair is the right one for you. 

Below we curated the many sizes of waver for your Short Hair.

This one beats the rest hands down. Don’t believe us? Wait till you see our list of brands!

What is a hair waver? 

A hair waver works into creating textured waves in your hair by having horizontal dents which allow for the same. 

They can be slightly harder to handle when compared to a hair straightener or a hair curler. But this is the perfect and ideal appliance for those who want to acquire waves on their hair. 

It works well on all kinds of hair even though some are harder than others. 

Hair Wavers For Short HairBest ForBarrel Material
T3 Micro BodyWaverFrizzy HairCeramic
Remington S7280 Wet 2 Waves Hair WaverDamaged HairCeramic
Tigi Bed Head Hair WaverThick HairTourmaline, Ceramic
Revlon Salon Ceramic Hair WaverFine, Thin HairCeramic
Conair Mini Hair Waver For Short HairVery Short HairCeramic

How I selected the best hair waver for short hair?

After looking at several products in the market and using them myself. I tested the hair wavers for short hair on the basis of these criteria. Next, I rated them on a scale of 1-5. 

  • Width of the barrel– It’s difficult to style short hair if the plates on the hair waver for short hair are very large. 
  • Material of the barrel– Short hair is more prone to frizz. So I checked if these wavers have ionic technology and come with ceramic coating. 
  • Temperature settings – the best hair waver for short hair should have multiple temperature settings so you can fine tune it to your hair texture.

Top Hair Waver For Short Hair 2022

Here we curate these many small sizes hair waver for short hair.

T3 Micro BodyWaver 

best hair waver for short hair

I first tested out this hair waver as T3 has been that brand which has consistently given women the right products to style their hair with.

On using it, I found that this hair waver for short hair is no exception to that statement. 

What I have noticed with this hair waver is that it glides on my strands smoothly and doesn’t snag or grab my strands.

I did find that it is slightly hard to hold for a long time. But even though it might be slightly longer, it is lightweight and does not exert too much pressure on the hands. 

best hair waver for medium length hair

The maximum temperature that this hair waver can get to is 140 degrees C which is enough for short hair. But if your hair is on the thicker side, this might not be enough for you considering that the barrel is also ceramic.

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The heating of this hair waver can be adjusted according to the hair type. If you have extra frizzy hair, you can increase the temperature to tame your hair. 

Another tip that might come in handy for you while you are styling your unmanageable hair is to divide your hair into different parts and handle them one bunch at a time. 

I suggest you go for this product if you have fine or damaged short hair as the temperature settings and ceramic barrel make don’t overheat your strands.


  • The device functions as both a hair waver and curling iron
  • The ceramic barrel heats up evenly and doesn’t overheat strands making it perfect for fine hair
  • The multiple temperature settings let you control heat supplied to hair


  • The design is difficult to use as you can accidently press the heat settings button while holding it in your hand
  • Not for thick short hair as it heats up to only 140 degree C (284F) and it has a ceramic barrel

My Ratings:

  • Compatibility For Short Hair – 4/5
  • Material and Build – 4.5/5
  • Temperature Settings & Functions – 5/5

Remington S7280 Wet 2 Waves Hair Waver 

best hair waver for beach waves

I’ve always heard that short hair can’t get beachy waves easily as it’s difficult to use a 3 barrel waver on them. But this one by Remington promises to have you covered with this extra efficient hair waver for short hair.

I had my doubts but on using I found that this waver actually works on my short hair well.

It particularly works in favor of thick curly hair as the temperatures on this hair waver can go up to 410 F. But the thing I liked most is that there are 5 different temperature settings so even folks with thin hair can use it at a low heat setting!

And the hair waver also comes with a ceramic coating that prevents it from overheating your hair so you don’t have to worry about damaging hair.

The thing I loved about this hair waver is in the right shape to maneuver around the hair. Unlike the T3 it doesn’t feel awkward in your hand.

Another thing to remember while using this hair waver is that you need to remove your tangles and make sure your hair does not get stuck. 

best hair waver tool for short hair

Oh and another thing I was impressed with steam function in this waves which makes sure your strands are prepped before you start styling your hair. So bonus points for that!


  • The ceramic barrel coating makes it safe for damaged or fine short hair
  • The hair waver heats up in 30 seconds so you save time
  • The 3 barrel design makes creating waves super easy


  • The barrels can pull at your hair when using

My Ratings:

  • Compatibility For Short Hair – 4/5
  • Material and Build – 4/5
  • Temperature Settings & Functions – 5/5

Tigi Bed Head Hair Waver 

best barrel waver for short hair

I know how hard it can be to maintain frizz. Especially during summer! 

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I have tested this hair waver and have come up with a decision that it works really well with dry and frizzy hair by giving you instant hair waves. 

This doesn’t just have a ceramic coating but also contains tourmaline that gives off negative ions that keep static at bay.

I also liked how the structure of the hair waver is made in such a way that it can give you definitive hair form. 

Although it can be slightly too big for those who have short hair, it is still a good appliance for short hair women who have unmanageable hair. 

This hair waver is effective to those who want a long term effect from the hair appliance. It works amazingly well for those who want a salon type hairstyle that can keep them looking occasionally. 

If you ask me, this is a great investment for those who are planning to use this on a long term basis. 

best 3 barrel hair waver for short hair

The ceramic barrel of this hair waver is very healthy on all kinds of hair types and does not negatively impact the hair in any way. 

Another thing about this hair waver is that it does not weigh heavy so it is very easy to handle. 

A pro tip – you might want to use a hair serum before you use this hair waver to get better results.  


  • The tourmaline negative ion technology helps control frizz on hair
  • The hair waver has dual voltage so it can work in different countries while you’re travelling
  • It has multiple temperature settings that let you control the amount of heat on your hair


  • None that I could find

My Ratings:

  • Compatibility For Short Hair – 4/5
  • Material and Build – 5/5
  • Temperature Settings & Functions – 5/5

Revlon Salon Ceramic Hair Waver 

mermaid hair waver short hair

Revlon is one of the most reputed brands globally and has always proved itself with its wide range. 

This hair waver from Revlon, we think, is a great choice for women who have short frizzy hair. The salon treatment it is capable of makes sure your strands are smoothened out in no time. 

Since the blades are long, it does not take much effort to bring the texture out right. 

hair wavers for short haircuts

The handle might seem a little too long for some of you who have trouble with grip but otherwise it works wonders on the hair. 

You could use a hair spray before you use this appliance on your hair to avoid crimping. The hair spray will also make sure the form is right and definitive. 

best hair waver for short thick hair

The hair waver does not have an auto shut off feature so you will have to steer clear from children and make sure you turn it off when you are done using it. 

Rating – 3.5/5

Conair Mini Hair Waver For Short Hair

best 3 barrel hair waver

Conair is a great brand for those who want long lasting products. 

This is the first mini hair waver on the list so it is perfect for those who have trouble handling the big sticks. 

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If you have extremely short hair and just can’t handle big hair wavers, this one will do the job for you. 

Besides this, it is an ideal appliance to carry around when you are travelling or even to work. How cool is that! 

Since it is made of ceramic, it does not damage the hair strands or cause harm. 

If you have thick hair, this might not be the right choice for you since you will have to keep doing it till you get it right. But if you have a mellow hair type, this is perfect for short hair. 

Rating – 5/5

A quick overview on the top hair wavers for short hair!

Top Hair Wavers For Short HairT3 Micro BodyWaverRemington S7280 Wet 2 Waves Hair Waver

Tigi Bed Head Hair WaverRevlon Salon Ceramic Hair Waver
Conair Mini Hair Waver For Short Hair

PriceSlightly ExpensiveAffordableVery ExpensiveAffordableAffordable
Material Coating4/54.5/55/54/54.5/5
Hair Waving Capability4.5/54/54.5/54.5/55/5
Suitability For Short Hair4.5/54/53.5/54.5/53.5/5
Temperature Functions4.5/54.5/55/55/54/5
Suitable For Damaged HairYesNoYesNoYes 
Dual VoltageYesYesYes NoNo
30 Second Heat Up?NoYesYesNoYes

Well, that was our list of top brands. 

We understand that for some of you who have had your doubts on how to use a hair waver on short hair, you need a better understanding on how this works on your hair and how you can use it right. 

So we have answered some questions that will help you style your short hair better. 

How to use hair waver on short hair? 

A hair waver can be a big appliance(depending on the brand and the type, ofcourse) so it can be slightly hard to use it on short hair. 

But fret not, we have some tips to get you by for easy styling. 

  • Make sure your hair is detangled and is not prone to getting stuck while styling.
  • Part your hair using a comb or your hands. Make sure you determine the thickness of each bunch depending on the thickness of your hair. If you have thick hair, make the bunch smaller and if you have thin hair – a bigger bunch. 
  • Slowly glide the hair waver on these bunches of hair. 
  • If you are using a bigger appliance it can get tricky to maneuver it on your hair without hurting yourself, so you have to watch out for that!
  • Complete the look by using a hair serum to bring out the form of the hairstyle and to exude shine and gloss. 

Waves on short hair are an absolute delight and can be the dawn on a new look for you. From beachy waves to mermaid waves you can create so many different hairstyles with this tool!

All you have to do is pick the right hair waver and abide by it and allow yourself to experiment with some of the best brands like we have listed out for you. 

Most people take more time choosing the right hair appliance than others, especially with an appliance like a hair waver. 

But we have given you the top notch brands to choose from so that your hair is in safe hands! 

Conair Mini Waver

The best hair waver for short hair lets you get wavy hairstyles in no time. The Conair Mini Waver doesn't damage hair and is travel-friendly.

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