Difference Japanese Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

When you are looking for the best hair straightener and reading all of the hair straightener reviews, two of the terms that you may come across are Brazilian keratin hair treatment and Japanese keratin hair treatment.

These treatments are two of the most popular ways that hair can be semi permanently straightened and they are both very common. They are performed in a salon setting and they both need to be done on a somewhat regular basis.

While they are both similar process, the results that women get from each of them vary greatly. Women who have had both treatments and have written hair straightener reviews had plenty to say about each procedure and both procedures have unique benefits to them.

The Japanese-way of Hair Treatment

The Japanese method of hair straightening involves a straightener that is applied with a large amount of chemicals.

This straightening method gives hair a pin straight look and can take even the curliest and coarsest hair from frizzy to smooth with only 1 or 2 treatments.

The application of the Japanese hair straightening process is similar to that of a chemical relaxer. The solution is applied to the hair and left to sit. It is then rinsed out, blow dried and ironed in small sections with a flat iron.

After it has been ironed completely straight, a neutralizer is placed on it to help keep the molecular bonds in place. Since this method involves breaking down the chemical bonds of the hair, it can be very detrimental on the hair.

It can cause damage, breakage and can cause the hair to become completely weak. Many people swear that this is the best hair straightener method and would only use it.

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People who undergo Japanese hair straightening on a regular basis should be sure to take care of their hair afterwards and be sure that it is protected from heat as well as the elements.

This form of hair straightening can last for months, but stylists and clients alike should be very careful because it utilizes chemicals such as formaldehyde in order to be able to break down the bonds that hold the hair together and in a tight ring.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

People who have curly or wavy hair have reported in hair straightener reviews that the Brazilian method is the only way they would go to make their hair straighter, smoother and shinier.

This method helps to make the hair look better and act better. The Brazilian blowout is meant for people who have had chemical treatments, such as relaxer, on their hair and it is intended to work for around 10-12 weeks.

Unlike other, stronger chemicals the Brazilian blowout utilizes keratin, which is found naturally in the hair to help straighten it.

It will not work as well on extremely curly hair and it is recommended that a person have a relaxer performed before they decide to have a Brazilian blowout.

The entire process includes the application of the keratin solution, a heat tool being applied and a blow dryer being used to get the hair to stay in the exact straightness.

It does not utilize heavy chemicals and is safe for people who have colored or relaxed their hair.

Choose Carefully

If you are looking for the best hair straightener for you, it is important that you consider all of the options that are available.

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If you have bought yourself the best hair straightener like HSI Professional, you have the option to do it yourself at home as and when the need arises.

You can also go with a semi permanent treatment such as the Brazilian keratin treatment. Or you can go with a permanent and more damaging treatment like the Japanese straightener.

Understand that regardless of your choice, each option will come with its own pros and cons and risks.

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