Considerations in Choosing Permanent vs Semi-permanent Hair Straightener

Many women every year choose to straighten their hair. It may be something that they do because straight hair is easier to take care of, easier to live with and they may feel better with straight hair as opposed to curly hair.

Many women use a simple flat iron to straighten their hair, but hair that is coarse, thick and extremely curly needs more extreme methods for the best hair straightener.

Women who need these methods can choose between semi permanent and permanent hair straightening methods. Below is what has been found after looking at some of the hair straightener reviews and will give insight into which method may be best for the type of hair straightening you would like to have.

The Permanent Option

A permanent hair straightener is commonly referred to as a relaxer and works similarly to the way a permanent wave works, although it does the opposite effect.

The relaxer uses either an acid or an alkaline base to chemically change the structure of the hair. The permanent straightener will infiltrate the hair follicles and will change around the way the molecules are made up in the hair.

During this molecular change, the hair is combed or flattened down to make it straight. While the relaxer is sitting on the straightened hair, it will continue to change the molecules.

After a set amount of time, the relaxer can be rinsed out and the molecules will stay the way it has made them.

One thing to consider when using a permanent straightener is the damage that this molecular change can cause on the hair.

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The chemicals are harsh and the hair will not be curly ever again. Most women who have done hair straightener reviews on this method have unhealthy hair and the process can even cause women to begin losing their hair.

The Semi-Permanent Option

A more modern and popular approach to the best hair straightener problem is semi permanent hair straightening.

This process uses chemicals that are less harsh than those used in relaxers and these chemicals work with the hair to change the physical properties of it.

They do not infiltrate the shaft of the hair and they do not change the hair chemically. The molecules of the hair stay the same and the hair will often remain more healthy than it would with a relaxer.

Women who choose these treatments should consider that they are also having a chemical treatment performed on their hair, although it is less harsh.

They are at a higher risk for noxious gasses from the semi permanent treatment fumes. Women who choose to use semi permanent hair straightening treatment should also consider the fact that they will have to have their hair straightened on a more regular basis than women who use a permanent method of hair straightening.

Know Your Options

If you are among the many women who do not believe a traditional flat iron is the best hair straightener for you, you may want to consider semi permanent or permanent options.

Make sure that you read plenty of hair straightener reviews to make the right decision on whether a permanent or semi permanent option is the best one for you.

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The decision on whether you will have your hair permanently or semi permanently straightened is up to you and you should be comfortable with the decision.

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