Conair Hair Straightener Reviews

For anyone who is doing a hair straightener review, one model that will immediately makes it to the top of your candidate list will be the Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Cermaic Curling Iron.

Why is that so? Because it is one hair flat iron product that has garnered enormous amount reviews with most of them being inclined towards recommending it.

But does it automatically qualify as the best hair straightener for your hard earned bucks? Well, read on to find out more about this product.

Conair Infiniti: The #1 Selling Basic Entry-Level Hair Straightener

Understanding What Makes Conair Infiniti So Popular

It has many benefits and just a few downsides. It works hard to make your hair curly or to straighten it and it enables you to do all of this with minimum effort. It can make your bad hair days disappear and give you an always gorgeous hair appearance.

What’s Great about Conair Infiniti

The material that the barrel is made out of is a ceramic, tourmaline ceramic to be exact. It is an easy to use material and it heats up much better than other ones.

Some of the best hair straightener products are made out of the tourmaline ceramic as it is the highest quality that is available in the industry. It is a durable material that can withstand high heat for a long time.

One of the biggest requests and issues that customers face when they are doing any type of hair straightener reviews is the need for loose curls. It is one of the most popular ways to wear your hair and they are very trendy.

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The Conair Infiniti provides anyone who uses it with the loose, luscious curls that nearly everyone wants to have without much effort.

For many people who are looking for the best hair straightener, the temperatures that it reaches is one of the most important features. The hotter the temperature, the bigger impact it will make on the hair.

Higher temperatures can make it easier to do your hair and they will also help the hair to stay styled for a much longer period of time than the lower temperatures.

The Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron reaches temperatures up to 395 degrees. This is not as high as the 450 degrees offered by BaByliss Pro but considering it is only a fraction of the cost, you can hardly ask for more.

Most women who use hair straighteners or any heat styling products know the importance of having an auto off feature. It is true that women are good at multi-tasking. But when our hands are all tied-up doing top to toe make up, it is so easy to forget to turn off a device and it can be very dangerous to leave one running.

The Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron does have an auto off feature that will turn the curling iron off after it has been on for a long period of time without being used. This feature provides convenience and safety.

What’s Lacking of Conair Infiniti

The placement of the on and off switch is in a very bad spot. It is really easy to turn the curling iron off when you are using it without knowing.

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While this does not cause any major problems, it can be somewhat of an annoyance if your curling iron turns off and you have to wait for it to heat back up.

If you do your hair straightening often enough and have used of the highly rated straighteners such as Onei MK-I Halo, you’ll know what a difference the ON/OFF ergonomic design will make.

But to be fair, given the price tag it fetches, it will be a little unfair to expect fantastic design as it will usually involve more thinking and more often than not, increased production costs.

Because this curling iron gets so hot, it can be hard to use after a period of time. The tip is nearly impossible to hold onto and even the handles get somewhat hot.

When people are looking for the best hair straightener, they want a product that they are going to be able to use without burning themselves. Certain models such as Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic flat iron lets you jump from one temperature range to another but again, this is a feature that is often found in more expensive models.

The Bottomline

The Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron is one of the top-selling hair straightener that has received its share of positive more than negative reviews.

Being a basic flat iron it is, price will be the deal breaker here. If you have a tight budget or maybe just trying things out, this might make the cut.

Whatever experience you get with Conair Infiniti may give you a rough idea on what you can do with your hair but it is certainly not the benchmark when it comes to the ultimate hair straightener pick.

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