Conair Flat Iron Reviews Instant Heat Ceramic

Conair is definitely one of the more well-known brands of hair products, often associated with thoughts of quality tools for affordable prices. The Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Straightener is no exception.

Sold within the low-mid price range of flatirons through a number of retailers, this hair straightener promises to provide great results in minimal time.

However, as with any hair straightener, determining the best hair straightener for your own needs is best done by reading through official product descriptions and specific hair straightener reviews. The best hair straightener for a girl with thin curly locks is probably not the best hair straightener for someone with thicker hair.

So, who is Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Straightener made for? Is it the right one for you? Go ahead and scroll down to get a more in-depth look at this product. It’ll give you a better idea on what to expect.

Conair Instant Heat: Hair Straightener with the Fastest Heat-up Time

Getting Intimate with Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Straightener

Knowing what to expect

The Conair Instant Heat straightener features 25 different heat settings for its 2” wide ceramic plates. These ceramic plates are promised to provide thorough, even heating throughout them, leaving no spots straighter than others.

A curved handgrip allows users to get as close to their hair roots as possible without unnecessarily cramping roots or accidentally burning the scalp.

An on/off touchpad makes turning on the flatiron a cinch, and an auto shut off feature leaves you with peace of mind if you accidentally leave it on after you’ve left your house.

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This Conair hair straightener also features built-in dual voltage capabilities, making it ideal for staying stylish during International travel. While this may be a common feature among the more expensive models like Onei MK-I Halo, I’d consider it to be a steal for product of this price range.

Where it receives rave reviews

Just like its name suggests, this flatiron is promised to heat up rapidly, leaving you with no need to busy yourself with other activities while waiting for it to be ready for use.

If the quick heat up time alone is not enough, you’ll be glad to know that there is the “turbo heat” function that provides even faster, hotter options than the default setting. Anyone who has thick hair and in need of high heat to work with will definitely appreciate this feature.

As mentioned previously, the dual voltage capabilities of this device definitely are a pro for anyone wanting travel flexibility. The hair straightener’s “off/on” indicator light makes it easy to safely determine if it is on or not.

While there are some complaints about the Conair Instant Heat straightener not living up to performance claims, the majority of product reviews for it are positive.

Finally, while looks certainly don’t mean everything in the hair appliance world, the design of this flat iron still deserves a shout out. It’s a clean, simple design that’s definitely aesthetically pleasing!

Where it is rated less favorably

While this Conair flat iron is boasted to offer heat settings appropriate for every hair type, several hair straightener reviewers complain that it didn’t work very well for their thick, curly hair.

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If you are considering to make your purchase, you may want to take note that only one of the ceramic plates is a floating one. Why does this matter? It matters because ideal clamping can normally be obtained best with dual floating plates.

This lack of dual plates might make it difficult for anyone wanting to straighten very thin locks.

Official product descriptions do not mention a “heat lock” setting, so accidentally altering heat settings when styling hair might be a problem with the Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Straightener.

Additionally, anyone looking for a hair straightener that works well for curling hair will probably find the plates on this model to be too wide to allow for easy curl-styling. The likes of CHI original 1-inch may be more suitable if this curl-styling is important to you.

The Bottomline

To sum things up, the Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Straightener certainly looks like a quality hair straightener. While it may not provide its results as quickly or as smoothly as some higher end products do, most hair straightener reviews seem to indicate that it does a pretty good job at getting its intended purpose accomplished.

As with any hair straightener, past experiences and hair straightener reviews written by others with similar hair textures and thicknesses to yours will be best for determining whether or not this Conair option is a good choice for you.

It might be one of the best value for money for those with less thick hair but not otherwise. If you have hair that is thicker and curlier than the average, you may want to consider one that comes with dual floating plate. One alternative that I would recommend would be the Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-infused Ceramic flat iron.

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