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When choosing the best hair straightener, you must be vigilant in noticing both the positive and negative aspects of the device.

Considering your personal hair type, desired versatility of the device, and what safety features are necessary should all be part of the decision-making process.

The CHI Original 1-inch Hairstyling Iron is no different. No doubt it is one of the few hair straighteners that is hugely popular, something which is evident from the sheer number of hair straightener reviews that choose to talk about it.

Nonetheless, it has generally garnered mixed reviews which makes careful research even more essential if you are serious about getting the best hair straightener and intend to use it often.

So, what are the pros and cons that most users feel strongly about? Read on and you should get a better idea on what to expect of CHI original hairstyling iron.

Getting to Know CHI Original Flat Iron

The CHI Original 1-inch Flat Hairstyling Iron operates with 2, 1-inch ceramic plates that are compressed together with a clamp-style motion, like most other hair straightening irons.

After heating, the straightener can be used to smooth the hair from root to tip, in approximately 1-inch increments.

Let’s talk about the positive sides

This device, probably considered by some to be the best hair straightener, has many positive qualities when compared to some of the other most common hair straighteners on the market today.

CHI Hairstyling Irons are well known for rising to the appropriate temperature very quickly. The CHI Original 1-inch Flat Hairstyling Iron might be considered the best hair straightener for coarse, usually hard-to-control hair types since it rises to such a high heat of 392°F/200°C.

In addition to its high-heat, many hair straightener reviews involving the CHI have discussed the device’s versatile styling options.

Not only is it possible for the CHI to flatiron the hair, but also because of its curved design, you can use the same device to produce well-controlled curls and waves in their hair.

Fake vs original chi hair straightener comparisonPicture of Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

Let’s not forget the negative sides

Although the CHI is fantastic at heating quickly, controlling stubborn locks, and making waves in straight hair, there are other situations and hair types for which this would not be the best hair straightener to purchase.

Since the CHI Original Iron rises to such an extremely high temperature, it is not the best choice for fine, thin hair. If used on fine hair, the CHI Iron might cause heat damage that would take lots of time and effort to repair.

Since there is only one temperature setting on the CHI Original 1-inch Flat Hairstyling Iron, it would probably be best for those individuals with fine hair to consider another straightening device. With 50 different heat settings to adjust to, BaByliss Pro Titanium is something that should be high on your radar if you want something that can be set to different temperatures.

Another potential con of this CHI iron is one concerned with safety. Many consumers will be using this product in the rush of the morning, and in the confusion, will forget to turn off the iron.

The auto-off feature is something that such top-rated hair straighteners as Onei MK-I Halo are normally equipped with and sadly, this feature is lacking in the CHI Original hairstyling iron.

The Bottomline

Overall, choosing a hair straightening device is an extremely personal decision. Don’t take for granted that a hair straightening iron that works best for your best buddy will work just as well for yourself.

The purchase of this device has the potential to affect your everyday life in several ways, not only by the short-term condition of your hair but also long-term health of your hair if you are not vigilant in finding an appropriate iron.

The CHI Original 1-inch flat hairstyling iron is definitely one model that is often thrusted to the spotlight. Popular it may be but it is far from being the ultimate hair straightener that any look-conscious babe would have been hoping for.