Sedu Pro Ionic: Good Enough for the Hair Professionals

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In the words of professionally trained and licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair, the best hair straightener should be one that gives you a lasting result and does as little damage to your hair as possible. When I was searching for the best flat iron for my need, I did a considerable amount of research, talked to as many as dozens of hairstylists that I can find and had a chance to try a number of them in fact. One model that often props...

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Rusk RSK732: Good value for Money Hair Straightener

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Looking to update your flat iron? There are so many staighteners out there that finding the best is like finding a needle in a haystack, or in my case a frizzy rats nest. I want to help you sort through all the phonies and find the best hair straightener that will leave your hair straight and in optimal condition. After sorting through many duds I unearthed what seems like a hidden gem in The Professional Ceramic Str8 Iron by Rusk. This...

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Remington S7210 Wet 2: It Makes Drying Wet Hair a Breeze

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Even though they all claim to provide the same end results, every hair straightener is different and every girl can benefit from a different option. In fact, it depends on which hair straightener reviews you are looking at. And it is quite common to find highly contrasting opinion on even the best hair straighteners like HSI Professional Ceramic Ionic. Why is there such discrepancy then? The answer is simple. It goes back to the fundamental...

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Remington S5500: The #1 Selling No-Frill Hair Straightener

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The search for the best hair straightener can often be a frustrating one. When reading hair straightener reviews, you’re left wondering how similar your mop of curliness is to hair of the girl who wrote, “This is the best hair straightener I’ve ever used! It works so quickly!” After all, just about anyone can tell you that what works fine for one girl might not work well enough for another. With that in mind, this post seeks to provide a...

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Remington Silk Ceramic: The Hair Straightener with Near Perfect Rating

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When looking for the best hair straightener, you must consider exactly what your needs are for your hair type. You also want to make sure you are choosing a product that will work successfully to do what it claims. Among all, Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron is one of the best-rated hair straightener. Priced at the lower end of the price spectrum, this is certainly nothing like the high end Paul Mitchell Pro Tools. But what does it have to...

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Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Iron: Designed for the Pro

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If there is any brand that has made its stamp of quality well known within the beauty industry, it is certainly Paul Mitchell. Like most other similar products, the Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools Express Ion Smooth Hair Straightener claims to be the best hair straightener for a variety of hair types. However, with a price tag significantly higher than that of most other “drug store” brands (like the all popular HSI Professional Ceramic),...

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