How to Care for Greasy Hair

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Shopping for the best hair straightener might be at the top of your to-do list, but hair care is more than just styling products. Understanding the science behind your hair type is important too, especially if you have greasy hair. Everyone has slightly different hair where sebaceous or sweat glands are concerned. When your glands are extremely active, it results in oily hair. Take a few tips to heart when styling and cleaning your hair to...

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Ten of The World’s Most Bizarre Haircuts

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There are some times when you need to find the perfect hair straightener for your needs, times when you need to find something that works for you and times when you need to have a great haircut. The following hair cuts really could have benefitted from a great hair straightener- so, before you try to get your haircut again, check out some hair straightener reviews to avoid looking like these strange and bizarre haircuts. For starter, HSI...

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Simple Tips to Fix Damaged Hair

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Even with the right hair straightener and armed with all of the best advice for heat treating hair, women across the world are having issues with damaged hair due to the high heat that they use to style it on a daily basis. The heat is damaging to hair and hair will never be completely fixed, although it can be grown out to a healthier state. While it cannot be completely cured, it can be somewhat fixed to make it feel and look healthier. When...

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The Truth about Keratin and How to Choose Good Hair Smoothing Treatments

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One of the most common beauty treatments that women undergo on a regular basis is hair straightening. Whether they take the time to straighten their hair on a daily basis or they rely on a professional smoothing treatment, most women have found what they consider to be the perfect hair straightener for them. They look at hair straightener reviews and decide whether they want to straighten themselves or go to a professional salon and have their...

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The Truth about Brazilian Blowout

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You may be familiar with hair straightener reviews that cover heat tools for your perfect look. However, there’s a chemical treatment promising straight hair for months at a time. This seemingly best hair straightener, referred to as the Brazilian Blowout, has more problems than solutions for beauty enthusiasts. The truth about this treatment is quite serious, harboring potential health problems in the future. A Close Look at Brazilian...

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On the Difference between Japanese and Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

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When you are looking for the best hair straightener and reading all of the hair straightener reviews, two of the terms that you may come across are Brazilian keratin hair treatment and Japanese keratin hair treatment. These treatments are two of the most popular ways that hair can be semi permanently straightened and they are both very common. They are performed in a salon setting and they both need to be done on a somewhat regular basis. While...

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