On Why Understanding Your Hair Type is Important in Choosing the Right Hair Straightener

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when you are looking at hair straightener reviews, you may come across articles that list different textures of hair. These different textures can mean different things for different people, but it is important to remember that not one straightener is going to be the best hair straightener for every person. People may have hair that is curly, hair that is fine, hair that is wavy, hair that is thick and hair that is coarse. These different types...

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REDKEN & ROWENTA Steampod: The New Kind of Hair Straightener

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When you are looking for a device to straighten your hair with, you will likely come across so many different options. If you do not know what you are looking for and do not know the best hair straightener for what you need, you will likely be confused by all of the hair straightener reviews. You can look around everywhere, but on many sites you will have to look in great detail at the different types of straighteners that are available to you....

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Steam-based Hair Straightener Explained: What is it and How it works

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When you appreciate a great hairdo, your styling tool of choice is usually researched thoroughly. After reading all the hair straightener reviews, you may wonder about flat irons with or without steam. Although adding steam as an option seems like a marketing ploy, it does serve a purpose to protect your hair. Understanding steam-based straighteners means looking at the hair’s anatomy and matching it to the flat iron type. Your Hair Shaft...

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How to Choose Between Ceramic, Titanium and Tourmaline Hair Straighteners

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Besides curling irons and blow dryers, hair straighteners are one of the most common items to find in any woman’s home. These flat irons aren’t just basic metal with a cool handle, but are constructed of specific materials to transfer heat effectively. You’ll see titanium, tourmaline and ceramic as top materials in the marketplace, but choosing between them takes some personal evaluation and detective work to make the right...

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Ten Problems You May Have If You’ve Got Fine Hair

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Fine hair in and of itself is a big problem. It can be uncomfortable, you have to find the right hair straightener to keep it straight and from burning and it may be extremely difficult to style in any way. The following problems are all ones that fine-haired folks can sympathize with. Problems only Girls with Fine Hair will Understand Dropped curls. These are always a problem and can often be found in hair straightener reviews. Straightener...

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How to Care for Dry Hair

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Having constantly oily hair can definitely be frustrating, but having the opposite problem can be equally annoying. Dry hair is difficult to care for, as often many hair care or hair styling products actually make the problem worse, instead of making things better. This is because dry hair has special hair care needs, and finding the best hair care products to fit with your hairstyling desires can be a struggle. Perhaps one of the greatest...

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